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tv   New Day  CNN  June 9, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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how do they have to temper it? we will get you inside on the conversation. we'll be a fly on the wall for that. this as republicans try to rein in donald trump after a fire storm of criticism on the attacks on the federal judge. we have the 2016 race covered only the way cnn can. let's start with athena jones live in washington. >> reporter: the president said the democrats just ended or sort of ended our primary season. that is the acknowledgment there is a week to go before the voting is offer. sanders hasn't bowed out. the effort to unite the party has started. the meeting is a key step along thesanders. >> my hope is we're able to pull things together. >> increasing pressure to end
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his fight now that hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee. >> bernie sanders brought enormous energy and new ideas and he pushed the party and challenged them. i thought it made hillary a better candidate. >> the president is expected to congratulate sanders but also discuss his role as a unifying figure who can mobilize enthu enthusiasm behind clinton against donald trump. >> this is a serious job. you know, this is not reality tv. >> the struggle continues. >> as sanders and his team continue fighting. >> the nominee is elected at the convention. >> the white house stressing patience with sanders consciously trying not to alienate his voters. >> i think we should be a little graceful and give him the opportunity to decide on his
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own. >> the president's endorsement of clinton could come as early as today, but clinton is already going on a celebratory media blitz trying to rally sanders supporters. >> i believe sanders supporters will join us in making sure that trump doesn't get anywhere near the white house. >> i'm looking at the most qualified people and that includes women, of course, because i want to be sure that whoever i pick could be president immediately. >> democrats seeing the timing of these as strategic. we're likely to see the endorsements come out over a rollout period rather than having it happen all at once.
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that kind of big event is not likely to happen until after the final primary contest here in washington next tuesday. now, biden will want to speak with both clinton and sanders himself before endorsing and no word yet on whether those conversations have happened. >> thanks so much for all of that reporting. let's discuss what's going to happen today and beyond with our cnn panel. grade great to have all of you here. jackie and i are wearing similar outfits i think. >> distractingly attracttive. >> okay. gentlemen, what's going to happen in this bernie sanders, president obama meeting? >> i think the president is going to gently. he's not an arm twister, he's not going to demand he get out of the race and in any event
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that wouldn't work with bernie sanders, but i think he's going to make clear to him, your time is coming to an end. and give him some possible options. >> what's he going to offer him? >> there's plenty to offer. who knows what projects are going on in vermont, but there's the issue of the platform, the policies, but i suspect the thing they'll have to talk about, where they cannot find common ground is on tpp. it's really important to obama and bernie sanders has just spent the last six months campaigning against it. so even to sort of trying to compromise, maybe to change this, change that, the whole thing collapses, so i think it's possible the president may say to him, do whatever you want, whenever you want, but leave my tpp alone. >> that's always the best
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compromise which is nothing. you don't like it, i like it, let's leave that alone. but let's get a sense of how this conversation goes. do you think president obama gives sanders the hard sell that it's time and if so, what do you think the sanders response is? >> i spoke to somebody who's very close to senator sanders and said going into the meeting that sanders owes nothing to president obama. never had a relationship with him in the white house and always knew that he was on hillary clinton's side. >> you say the same thing about the party in terms of -- >> you can say the same thing about sanders. let's draw the parallels between these two candidates. president obama ran against the establishment. he created his own political association. i think he's going to say for the good of the party, you've run a great campaign but at some point you've got to think about
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what's best for the nation, what's best for the future. he's not going to try to force him out. >> what is bernie sanders end game? what does he want to walk out of there today? >> you know, i don't know that he's going to walk out with anything, but i think he is going to walk out with a whole bunch of promises from president obama as the head of the democratic party right now. bernie sanders wants his platform as a part of the democratic platform. that's very important for him. in order to keep his movement alive. i also wroonder if the presiden might offer him advice keeping that organization going. the president established ofa when he was a candidate and he was aincome bent, but mark's right. bernie sanders doesn't owe president obama anything. so the white house and vice president biden and hillary
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clinton has to tread lightly if they want that support to continue for her. >> sanders isn't looking for peas and carrots. he's looking for steak. so when you have this meeting my suggestion would be i don't know why they're doing this. i guess it works for clinton, but i don't know why they're doing this. anything that you do like this is provocative to the berners to the people who believe in sanders. >> even more would be to offer him nothing. to not even meet with him. >> let's see what sanders does. let's see what his disposition, let him come to you. >> well, there's a lot of sort of practical stuff here. we know that bernie sanders has not wanted to go into debt. he does not want to come out of this with a big financial obligation. if you're talking about what happens to his people, will they get jobs, will they be involved in the campaign, that's also a conversation that you want to have with the president of the united states. >> hillary clinton talked about sanders supporters and she talked about how she sympathizes
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with them. she relates to how they feel. so listen to this. >> i know how it feels to have waged a hard fought campaign and to fall short. senator sanders supporters were passionate. i really totally respect their feelings. i'm looking forward to working with him to achieve our common goal. as we reach out and we talk about what's at stake in this election i really believe a lot of senator sanders supporters will join us in making their donald trump doesn't get anywhere near the white house. >> so reach out. what does that look like from the hillary clinton campaign to the supporters? >> i think if you go back about three weeks ago, the clinton campaign was really doing a wrong thing and the supporters were. they were trying to force bernie sanders out. and then as they got closer, to chris's point, they seem to back off a little bit. i think this meeting with president obama this morning is ill timed.
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i don't think it's smart. the district of columbia hasn't voted yet. barack obama lives in the district of columbia and it's also a city that has a lot of african american voter ship. i don't think it's good for the democratic party at this point. this meeting should have happened next week and as far as hillary clinton goes, she is saying the right things. in the end the sanders people are going to go behind her candidacy. >> we'll talk a little bit later about her real problem is not going to be bernie sanders. it's going to be donald trump and what he's bringing her way. >> donald trump, his softer side, that's what supposedly people were pushing him to show, try to appease these gop leaders who are worried about their presumptive nominee. you have house speaker paul
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ryan, priebus starting to retreat it seems -- not retreat, but they're going to have a retreat with mid romney. so how will this party come together? we're live in washington with more. what do you have? >> reporter: good morning, chris. well, you know many republicans have long feared that donald trump's rhetoric would derail his campaign and now with some republicans calling his recent comments about a federal judge downright racist, they're sounding the alarm that if he doesn't tone it down he's only helping to put hillary clinton in the white house. >> he won't be in the white house if he continues to make these kind of statements. >> reporter: warnings are coming from donald trump's own party. >> if he wants to win the election he needs to quit these attacks on various americans. >> the nominee is in raging and dividing the gop after days of his attacks on the judge's
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mexican heritage. >> we're building a wall between here and mexico. >> trumps toned down speeches this week. >> i understand the responsibility. >> maybe using a prepared text and not attacking any other americans was a good start. >> reporter: but congressional republicans are divided. some of supporting their presumptive nominee. >> i think he's done a good job in the last 24 hours of realizing the impact of those comments. >> reporter: some are riding the never trump campaign. >> if comments over the weekend are authenticating what i believe is the man's core character. >> and some are holding out for a kinder gentler real estate billionaire. >> i've got to see that he's going to start addressing issues of the country.
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>> claim ago person can't do the job because of the race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. >> meanwhile democrats are united behind hillary clinton. donald trump is a loud, nasty, thin skin fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and serves nobody but himself. and that is just one of the many reasons why he will never be president of the united states says elizabeth warren. >> reporter: trump said he was disappointed and surprised by the backlash from republican leaders to his comments about that federal judge lawsuit against him. but trump says republicans have to say what they have to say knowing that he's a big boy who can take the criticism. >> thanks so much for all of that. we'll talk more about the republican race in a moment, but first we have to tell you about the new developments out of
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israel where four people were killed in a terror attack in a popular market. the gun fire and the people running for their lives was caught on video. we're live in tel aviv with the latest. what do you know? >> reporter: the israeli response has been swift, freezing 83,000 permits to travel from the west bank to israel and we just learned they will send two extra battalions in the west bank for security reasons. this is from inside the restaurant where this started. you see the two shooters, israeli police say palestinians from the west bank standing there dressed as ultra orthodox drew jews when they open fire at point blank range at a number of people who were out here dining at this popular market who would have been very busy when this happened. they keep shooting and move into the store next door. police shot and captured one.
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they captured the other without gun fire. now they're trying to find how did automatic weapons get from the west bank into israel. is security tight enough at the sarona market. that's another question they have to answer. the two victims, two women, two men, all from the area right around tel aviv, those funerals set to start later this afternoon. >> we'll stay on this. we also have some lighter blue from the sports world. some thought the cavaliers were done in the nba finals and they were wrong. lebron james and the cavs, a 120-90 blowout in game 3 of the finals last night. the home crowd certainly helped this team. so the series is now two game to one. game four is again in cleveland friday night and they need it very badly. >> all right. donald trump taking aim at hillary clinton. he claims that she's using her
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family's charitable foundation to enrich herself. will that line of attack work? we'll hear how hillary clinton is responding to cnn about that, next. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating
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donald trump has begun going after the clinton foundation. he claims the clintons are using their foundation to enrich themselves. hillary clinton responded to that with cnn's anderson cooper. >> let me just try to set the record straight. we had absolutely overwhelming disclosure where there are one or two instances that slipped through the cracks? yes, but was the whoever overwhelming -- i'm proud of the foundation and i'm proud of what they've done. people have lower cost hiv
3:20 am
medication because of the foundation and my husband. we have women across the country from latin america and africa, across the world getting good jobs and being able to support themselves for the first time here in our country. we have better food and nutrition that is helping young kids in america be healthier and not fight obesity. we have so much that we're proud of and i will put that up against any of the innuendo and accusation coming from donald trump. people give lots of money to presidential campaigns, don't think? they give lots of money to political parties as well. so, you know, that is money that goes directly to support political activities of candidates. money that has been given to the foundation goes to support humanitarian work, and if people want to influence anybody in office, i think they would choose the political route and
3:21 am
indeed, the work of the foundation really speaks for itself. >> all right. so there is hillary clinton talking to our man anderson cooper laying out her side of the clinton global initiative and what its work is. let's discuss with the panel. let'slessen to what the line of attack is coming from trump and then we can test it, because it's not about the general work of the foundation. here it is. >> hillary clinton turned the state department into a private hedge fund. the russians, the saudis, the chinese, all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return. the clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves. >> all right. let's talk the rhetoric out of it. the russian uranium deal, the foreign and bad actor foreign nations that gave money while clinton was in the state department, is there a
3:22 am
legitimate line of questioning about what went on in the cgi and its appropriateness? >> there is an absolute legitimate question there. i've written about this last year as a matter of fact. a lot of people were talking about some of it. it doesn't look as if voters really picked that up. the polls don't suggest that voters have reacted to it. but it is important. if during her time in the state department she was taking money from organizations around the world -- >> she'll say it wasn't me. it was the cgi. >> and her has stepped forward and raises a moral question. can we take this money and use it for good or should we not take the money and not have water or jobs in different corners of the world. if there's any sign, if there's any sort of a time line that shows the money came -- >> and the favors were granted, that is a problem and that is absolutely a legitment issue for
3:23 am
dc or anybody else to bring up. >> is there a thread about money or policy being redirected. >> if it looks like there's a threat that could be just the appearance of impropriety is bad for the clintons especially when you have her trust numbers so low. things like the clinton foundation, they undermine her attempts to try to get the voters, bernie sanders voters, maybe not the people who love her the most, but these folks who haven't signed up for the clinton campaign aren't necessarily ready for her. they're still looking at all of this and this is when there aren't absolute transparency it undermines her. >> so transparency is an issue. look at what we have. we have an fbi investigation going on involving one candidate. you have an act of fraud by the attorney general against the other. do you think that there are facts out there that show that the money that was supposed to
3:24 am
go to the haiti hospital never went there, that there was a quid proquo, because that's the bar. it's not just insenuation. >> we should be following the money. we should try to find out why these donations were made. we should try to find out if there was a link to it. i do think it's important to note when we talk about personal enrichment, i don't think we're talking about personal financial enrichment and the reason i say that is president clinton can go out and make a speech and make a lot of money. hillary clinton can do the same thing. she was secretary of state. they can go out and make money. they don't need cgi to put money in their pockets but it is a judgment question. do they take money to try to use it to, you know, for help elsewhere. some would argue that no, because there are people in those countries that are really suffering and all you're doing
3:25 am
is legitimizing these rulers where here in the united states these are principles that we don't agree with. >> let's talk about the judge that donald trump went off. he said he was mexican, in fact, he's american. donald trump trying to turn the page away from that, but that story has legs and it continues to reverberate. now that judge's legal association, the san diego lawyer's association has finally put out a statement. they had been silent for a long time while donald trump was going after him and the judge himself cannot actually go back after him, but his association has written a statement. let me read it. contrary to what trump has stated we are not affiliated with nclr. that is a wholly independent civil rights and advocacy nonprofit organization. they felt that it was important to say that because all of trump's surrogates continue to
3:26 am
come on our air and elsewhere and say wiell, they are for illegal immigration. does this put this to rest sf. >> it won't put it to rest. because people who don't want to understand it won't understand it. there are any number of ethnic affiliated groups. you have the black bar association and the columbian association for the italian lawyers. >> a great organization by the way. >> and they were set up to try to counter discrimination that these lawyers were feeling. that they were being denied upships. >> it is networking. >> isn't is point here that you're making is that they're wrong. this isn't the group that you think you're talking about. >> absolutely. >> and he gave a scholarship to an illegal immigrant. that's not true. the kid was a child when he came and he was illegal, but when he was a law student 20 years
3:27 am
later, it wasn't like they just grabbed someone out of the weeds trying to sneak across and gave him a scholarship. >> he was still undocumented but he didn't disclose he was undocumented. >> why are you allowed the facts to get in the way of a good political story? it's donald trump being fast and loose with the facts. >> their job is to make the case in the most impressive way they can. i think you have to do the same thing with clinton and trump. you can't exaggerate to the point of the absurd of factual inacucuracy on the other side. >> if you don't want to believe it you are not going to believe it. >> panel, thank you very much. great to talk to all of you. so what could be the deciding factor in the race for the white house? how about gender? is the first woman going to be a compelling enough cause? haven't seen it in the polls yet. what about men? white men specifically.
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loving trump, hating clinton. could that be the insurmountable factor here? we discuss.
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we've reached a milestone. the first time -- the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee. >> hillary clinton's place as the first female presumptive nominee of a major party in this country does raise the question of how will gender play throughout this election? let's discuss it with marry catherine hands, and a senior writer for the federal lists and political commentator and a trump supporter. great to have you here to talk about this historic moment that hillary clinton achieved yesterday or at least in the past 48 hours so how do you think gender will play in this election? >> there are a couple of things going on. it's certainly a milestone and also, many women will be affected by that emotionally and feel good about it and it will be part of why they are
3:33 am
supporting hillary. there are other women who will say i note that and i feel good about the fact that a woman can do that that and also i'm not particularly a fan of this particular woman who is a public servant who i feel like the rules doesn't seem to apply to her. >> donald trump has said that hillary clinton is playing the woman card. let me just play that to remind people. >> you know, she's playing the women's card. by the way, if she didn't play the women's card, she would have no chance, i mean, zero, of winning. she's playing the women's card. >> what is that? what is the women's card that she's playing? >> it's the simplistic understanding or conception that somehow if you tout female issues, all of the females will come to you. so for instance, contraception, abortion, equal pay, which you reduce things like maternity leave, women make only about two cents less than a man. i think women care about the
3:34 am
economy, they care and terrorism and to assume by vir shoe of your anatomy you care about these issues. >> she obviously talks about terrorism and the economy as well. are you saying that she shouldn't talk about those issues? doesn't she have a right to talk about so-called women's issue. >> when she talks to women these are the issues he goes to, but it's more than just that. in debates she often defaults to playing the victim. i don't think it's empowering. i think when you play into the notion that somehow you've been beaten up on i think it's a disservice to women who are out in the work force and who don't play the victim. >> do you hear that from her? >> sometimes i do. i think she's right on some of these policies where she sometimes is putting these policies first. here's the issue with the woman card in that in my mind the
3:35 am
woman card is claiming all opposition to me because i'm a woman. i think there was a lot of that during the obama years. and i think hillary will try some of that. here's the problem of that. sometimes donald trump will say things that will be genuinely sexist. and that argument is hard when he does that. >> on her website she has a women's card. obviously this is in jest, but if you donate she will send you this women's card. she's making hay out of donald trump says she's playing the women's card and it is complicated and it's also generational. younger women, in part because of the doors that have been broken down by women who've led the way no longer think it's as important as older women do. it's the first woman. >> that's exactly right. certainly my colleagues and my former law school they tend to affiliate along more ethnic
3:36 am
lines. there are more hispanic affinity groups. the idea that it's divided by male and female doesn't carry weight and i don't think they need to walk around with the woman card. when we're making more than millennial men i think this falls on deaf ears. >> i always hesitate to ask this because it implies sexism to begin with. is the country ready for a two-women ticket? >> i think this is politics. that's going to be part of your calculation and i think, you know, having two women at the top of the ticket on the ticket is fine, having two women who are viewed as far left and maybe not super likable might not be your winning combination. >> elizabeth warren has been attack dog against donald trump. that has been her role for the
3:37 am
past few woks and today she is going to do it again. we understand she's going to come out and talk about donald trump and here is a little bit of it. donald trump is a loud, nasty thin skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and serves nobody but himself and that is one of the many reasons he will never be president of the united states. >> you don't have to obviously counter that, but do you think she has been an effective attack dog for hillary clinton's side? >> no, because one of the things that hillary clinton has touted repeatedly is she wants to stick to issues. that's certainly not issues. that's a very personal attack. i don't think it's going to work and i think she's very far left. if hillary clinton is trying to moderate herself, perhaps moderating herself with elizabeth warren isn't the way to do it. >> great to have you here. so we're about two months before the start of the summer olympics in rio, but now we have
3:38 am
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we are just a little more than eight weeks from the start of the summer olympics in rio. so will rio be ready. cnn's senior national correspondent is live with more. >> reporter: you know, a country dealing with an impeachment crisis is going to come to a head in the middle of the olympics and an outbreak of zika here, trying to work out if basic things are going to be ready in time to move olympic guests around. rio has a big question without an answer ready just yet. how do olympic tourists get from their hotels here to the games across town without spending hours in this? some of the worst traffic in south america.
3:43 am
well, this was meant to be the answer, an extension to the subway from the beaches almost to the olympic park. but there's just one snag. they just announced a new updated opening time, and that's only four days before the games begin. >> there was going to be some sort of last minute rush but it's a sheer amount of political upheaval that brazil is experiencing that's leaving such a vital part of infrastructure to this, it's simply cutting it too fine. >> reporter: it it was meant to be open in july. >> we are completely sure that everything will be done. no problem for us. of course, we have 8,000 people working during the days and during the nights. no problem at all. >> the sound of building is so loud that it's drowning you out,
3:44 am
so we have quite a bit more time to go until it's ready. >> everything is in our schedule. >> reporter: they said the same thing about the olympic park itself, but when we visited when there were 66 days to go it didn't feel that ready. >> it's strange to be able to walk straight in from there right into the edge of the olympic park here. what's supposed to be a pretty secure zone in just a matter of weeks from now. we're just going to walk down this way to the site of where previously there was a -- one man holding out with his home. deeper and deeper we went, security standing by, to find the home now demolished, the owner taking a payout and moving. an odd feeling walking so freely around. this worker told us sometimes security there and sometimes they're not.
3:45 am
living just alongside and refusing to be moved, they call themselves the resistance and they force authorities to accept they can stay on the land. sandra says she'll soon have all this packed away, ready for the new home the city is building her just next door. that's also on a tight schedule, supposed to be ready, she says, 12 days before the games begin. what does maria think about security? >> translator: it should be like that. we were born to walk freely. i don't know why they came up with so much security. a man doesn't make another one safe. security comes from god. >> reporter: you have to hope they won't be leaving it just up to him however, to get rio ready in time. it's that sort of relaxed viernlt that rio is counting on to welcome guests but is that sort of compatible with these tight schedules? so many of these projects are
3:46 am
looking at brazil spending $10 billion getting the games ready. but is that combined with things coming down to the wire. >> well, that's always the problem when you put the olympics in a place that's unstable. thanks for the insight that makes the situation unclear. let's take a little break. the growing outrage across the country because of a judge's apparently lenient stanford swimm swimmer's sentence. looking for a balance on what to do. we'll take you through it.
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there's a lot of bad stuff that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. the charge rape of an unconscious woman on campus. the sentence, guilty. that was the verdict, but only six months. the reaction, outrage. the question now is, why did the judge in the case apparently give more weight to statements made on behalf of the attacker than on behalf of the victim.
3:51 am
let's discuss with two legal minds. joey jackson, legal analyst and defense attorney as well as laura coats. thanks so both of you. first of all, let's throw out what this man was convicted of. we have a screen of all these different charges which cover the range of ak tfctivity that alleged by the prosecutor initially. penetration of an unconscious woman. so intoxicated, unconscious and that falls into the realm of assault. guilty, gouilty, guilty a sentence of six months. have you ever heard of that. >> never at all. maybe it comes to 14 years, those who argue the maximum was 14 year if the judge gave consecutive time. i'm one that would believe the judge would give concurrent time which would be eight years. >> the difference by the way, is
3:52 am
concurrent means you're guilty of different things but you'll serve the sentences at the same time. >> exactly. and consecutive where they would stack the time together. the fact is that now you have six months so why are people outraged? they see a system that's broken. they see a system that treats people differently if you go to different schools which are the best schools, if you have influence in your family, if you have wealth in your family. if you're an athlete in your family. and for people who have faith in the system it has to be a system that's designed to assist erveg. then you tourn the the victim. what does it say to a person who has endured what this brave woman has endured. it's compelling, and it's powerful, her statement, and it puts into perspective what she went through. >> and it's spread through social media like wildfire. when you look at it on the other
3:53 am
side of how this judge justified it, it seemed to come down to, i think it was going to be too harsh on the kid and ruin his entire life. >> the judge is being unfair and your assessment is correct. one of the things that he talked about and i think it will be too hard for him over the long-term, it's a very stiff penalty et cetera, and the problem with that is because the purpose of prison time, the purpose of incarceration and going through a trial is to deter future conduct and to punish and there are a lot of young people who make quote, unquote mistakes. this is not a mistake. this was an intentional act that was committed. what the judge did was essentially do victim blaming. he said what happened to you is a horrible thing and far outweighs the trauma this young woman will face the rest of her life and i'm going to decide that your energy and pain is
3:54 am
worth far more than one that will punish future rapists and vindicate future rape victims. >> there are some who say maybe this is dumpt. maybe these are kids who don't fall into the garden variety. this is a real problem. put up the full screen that we have of different universities and the number of sexual assaults that are reported on campus. stanford is not inoculated from this type of behavior. there are over a couple of dozen on stanford's campus and it's low on the list of top ten. great universities all share this problem. it's happening a lot. so how you deal with it, matters. >> it absolutely matters and another part of the system and what she says is right about punishment and deterrence is rehabilitation. you have to give a sentence absolutely that punishes and
3:55 am
deters and yes, i want to give re recognition to rehabilitat n rehabilitation, but when you have a statute that talks about a two-year minimum or three-year minimum and you give six months it's not problemer. how you deal with it is to get that victim impact statement that was powerfully read by this victim, that spoke to what she went to, that spoke to how it affected her and her family and her life, that spoke to the fact that he did not take recognition and allow every student in the country from the universities that we just posted there to others, to read it, to absorb it, to understand it and to get it and that's how you'll deeal with the system and to deal with the rape. >> there was nothing unusual as i looked through the record for this case, the lawyer for the defendant didn't blow anybody away with how they presented in this and when you look at the judge's past, the judge isn't known as a softy so where do you come out on why you think this happened? >> i think he was somebody who
3:56 am
decided that 98% of the blame was on this man, brock turner, but because this young woman was intoxicated and in his mind allowed herself to get to the point where she was basically unconscious and unae to give consent or remember what happened, i think that he blamed her and he decided that as a matter of precedent, we have to give some blame and punishment to that particular victim. it was the wrong call to make. it should not have happened and frankly, it goes against what we ask our judge to do especially when a jury has already said we find fault. there should be a punishment and it should be severe. >> all right. we'll leave it there. counselors, thank you very much. we'll see if there's an appeal to try to get a harsher sentence. it's not an easy thing to do. so what can president obama do today if he wants to convince bernie sanders it is time to get behind hillary clinton? we take a closer look at their high stakes meeting, next.
3:57 am
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you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. >> it's time for him to begin to act like a presidential candidate. >> what matters to us most is
4:01 am
for us to give the people of this country a better way forward. >> he searched out his victim, and then he went after that child. >> we're very fortunate that the mother had that motherly instinct. she may have saved her daughter's life. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." that video is chilling and a mother was able to thwart an abduction and it's so rare. >> it cease orare that you get to see it. >> president obama is said to turn up the heat in the name of party unity when he meets with bernie sanders in just hours at the white house. how will sanders come out of this? will he decide to end his campaign? >> the democrats have some uncertainty. so does the gop. can donald trump get past his comments about the judge? can the party bring some strength to what now seems like
4:02 am
open revolt. we have the stories of this election covered the way only cnn can. >> reporter: good morning. the president said last night that democrats had quote, just ended or sort of ended our primary season. there's just under a week to go before the voting is over and bernie sanders hasn't yet bowed out. neither the white house nor the clinton campaign wants to be perceived as pushing sanders out of the race. but today's meeting is going to be an important step along that road to unity. this morning, president obama meeting with bernie sanders. >> my hope is is that over the next couple of weeks we're able to pull things together. >> reporter: increasing pressure on the ver mott senator to end his primary fight now that hillary clinton is democratic party's presumptive nominee. >> bernie sanders brought enormous energy and new ideas and he pushed the party and
4:03 am
challenged them. i thought it made hillary a better candidate. >> the president is expected to congratulate sanders but also discuss his role as a unifying figure who can mobilize enthusiasm behind clinton as they look to take on donald trump. >> the major role i'm going to be playing is to remind the american people that this is a serious job. you know, this is not reality tv. >> the struggle continues. >> reporter: as sanders and his team vow to continue fighting. >> the nominee is elected at the convention. >> reporter: the white house stressing patience with sanders, consciously trying not to alienate his voters. >> it's clear we know who the nominee is going to be, but i think we should be graceful and give him the opportunity to decide on his own. >> reporter: the president's endorsement of clinton could come as early as today. but clinton is already going on a celebratory media blitz trying to rally sanders' supporters.
4:04 am
>> i really believe a lot of senator sanders supporters will join us in making sure donald trump doesn't get anywhere near the white house. >> reporter: clinton also addressing the prospect of two women on the ticket. >> i'm looking at the most qualified people and that includes women of course because i want to make sure that whoever i pick could be president immediately. >> reporter: democrats see the timing of these endorsement as strategic. they want to extract as much political as possible so we're likely to see something of a rollout period of these endorsements rath ear than all at once and we could see a softer approach perhaps the president making an endorsement by social media rather than on a stage and that won't happen until after the d.c. primary next week.
4:05 am
>> thanks. so can a toned down donald trump ease the fears of anxious republicans? speaker paul ryan and priebus is on their way to a summit hosted by mitt romney. we're live in washington with more. some people still float mitt romney's name as that alternative. >> reporter: they do float it although that is not likely to happen. and as you know, many republicans have long feared that donald trump's rhetoric would derail his campaign and now with some republicans calling his recent comments about a federal judge downright racist, they're sounding the alarm that if he doesn't tone it down, he's only helping to put hillary clinton in the white house. >> he won't be in the white house if he continues to make these kind of statements. >> reporter: warnings are coming from donald trump's own party. >> if he wants to win the
4:06 am
election he needs to get these attacks on various americans. >> reporter: the presumptive nominee is enraging and dividing the gop after days of his attacks on federal judge's mexican heritage. >> he's a mexican. we're building a wall between here and mexico. i understand the responsible of carrying the mantle. >> maybe using a prepared text and not attacking any other americans was a good start. >> reporter: but congressional republicans are divided. some are supporting their presumptive nominee. >> i think he's done a good job in the last 24 hours of realizing the impact of those comments. >> reporter: some are riding the never trump train. >> some of his comments are authenticating the man's core character. >> reporter: and some are holding out for a kinder gentler real estate vendor. >> i've got to see that he's
4:07 am
going to start addressing issues of the country instead of bashing judges. >> reporter: his support for trump in a closed door meeting wednesday, asking his colleague to unite even after he strongly criticized trump's comments. >> claiming a person can't do that job because of a raisist comment -- >> what does trump do? >> reporter: elizabeth warren saying donald trump is a loud, nasty thin skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and serves nobody but himself. and that is just one of the many reasons why he will never be president of the united states. >> reporter: in an interview yesterday with time magazine trump said he was disappointed and surprised by the backlash from republican leaders to those comments about the federal judge hearing in a lawsuit against him
4:08 am
but noting that he's a big boy and he the cake the criticism. >> he's right. this has been different. donald trump has said lots of things that draw outrage. he's never had his own party jump on him this way. what does that mean? can donald trump get past these attacks on a federal judge? let's discuss with congressman chris collins of new york. he was the first house member to endorse donald trump. it's good to have you. what is your answer to this basic suggestion, which is, this may be a metaphor moment where people have gotten to see who donald trump is and how he deals with making mistakes or do you believe it's something he can get past? >> oh, i think we've already moved past it, chris. we're united it's interesting to see the democrats still having a 74-year-old self-about socialist dragging them so far left they're not going to be able to win in november and now i'm so happy to hear that hillary clinton is seeking president
4:09 am
obama's endorsement. we've said all along she represents a third term for president obama and with 8 o% of the country saying she's going the wrong direction, she's playing right into our hands. we are united and while it was a distraction, i would say as of two days ago we've moved beyond it. >> two days ago your man was being called a racist by gop leaders. i respect your decision to try to spin us away from it but it's a reality there. that's why we saw donald trump do something whether on his own accord or pushed by staffers to give a speech on tell prompter. there he was saying every word he was told to say as he was told to say it. the question becomes how do you move past this? do you think trump should apologize? >> donald trump has moved past it. as he said, he's done talking about it. we're going to be doing the
4:10 am
contrast to mrs. clinton. >> should he apologize? because the fact that clinton has trouble, which nobody is arguing, doesn't take this away. right? when you accuse me of something i can't say yeah, but what about that other news anchor, he stinks even worse. that es not a good defense for myself. it shouldn't be a good defense for trump. do you think he should apologize? would you in the same situation? >> i would not tell donald trump what to do. he's run the most brilliant campaign. i've moved on it, others supporting him have moved beyond it so at this point no, i'm not going to tell donald trump to apologize. i wasn't in this situation so i don't really have a thought in that regard, but i would say as we're now -- we've coalessed around mr. trump and we've taken the fight in contrasting his mage in securing the borders. the last two months of jobs reports are showing what a weak
4:11 am
economy we have, so when hillary clinton accepts the endorsement of barack obama and we see just the last two months the dismay in the jobs reports, again, that plays into mr. trump saying i'm going to make america great again. >> the problems are obvious. the country has challenges, the question is who's the right person to deal with those challenges? temperament goes to that. what people are using this situation is donald trump not only said something about a judge's heritage that are out of line, but he said things about the case that weren't true to advance his own cause, some that his own lawyer disagrees with. >> america is looking for a change agent. so i think that the temperament and the personality of donald trump is exactly what america wants. we don't want status quo. we don't want somebody word smithing every word, doing a focus group as they decide what language to use.
4:12 am
they want somebody who speaks directly to america that says we've lost our way, it's time to make america great again. it's time to put america first and stop mexico from stealing our jobs. >> you've got to put its values first. going after someone's heritage when they're a judge that nobody has ever assailed before? not an american value. going against your case saying things that are bad for you when it's not true and you're president of the united states? that's not an american core value you want to put forward. why wouldn't he have someone like you come forward and say he's upset he has a case against him. that's normal. he's a fighter. he went too far, he brought in the man's heritage, he shouldn't have. he respects judges, he apologizes. >> he said his comments were misconstrued. >> how were they misconstrued?
4:13 am
he said the judge was unfair. >> i would disagree. you don't know the details of the case. >> i do know the details of the case. we've been studying this for weeks now what's going on. every ruling that you look at when lawyers review it, forget about me as a lawyer. when lawyers review it they say this judge was following it. trump's own lawyer says his judge is doing his own job. the biggest ruling in the case was continuing the case, buying mr. trump more time to campaign and not deal with the litigation. these are all things that were in his favor and he says the judge is biased. is that right? >> in his opinion, the judge is biased and i'm not going to speak for mr. trump. i will say i'm very happy the judge has decided to hold this in abeyance until after the election. we need to put the distraction of this case behind us. i believe as of his speech two days ago we have now done that, but when you want to talk about someone being honest or not look at mrs. clinton and her comments
4:14 am
on benghazi. look at her comments on the e-mail. look at the inspector general report. >> we had 11 hours on benghazi to vet clinton and you had a whole day to beat her over the head with her own words. here you're saying let's move on right away. let's move on. is that a fair appraisal? >> sure. we're going to move on. >> why? >> because we need to talk about the character flaws of mrs. clinton who is not honest. she cannot be trusted. she's shown bad judgment again and again and again. >> but why would i see your candidate as a better choice if i'm a voter if he won't deal with his own situations? >> i think the issue is plain and simple. do you think the country is going in the right direction? do you want a effective third term of obama? do you want a change agent, a fighter who's going to fight to put america first, fight for our
4:15 am
kids, fight for our future, bring those jobs back that have been stolen by mexico and china. the country is going to have a choice to make and i believe that the 80% of americans who say we're going in the wrong direction don't want a third term of obama. >> i know you well and i know what you stand for and what you do in new york on a regular basis. you're saying to me that you don't care if donald trump unfairly maligned a federal judge and misstated the situations in a case that includes fraud for his own benefit? you don't care? >> that's your take on it. my take on it is donald trump with his actions has shown he is not a racist. >> i never used that word. i don't even see being mexican as being suggestion of race. what i'm saying is he brought the man's heritage into it. he talked about what the judge did in this case which is untrue. husband own lawyer disagrees with him and you're saying i don't care. >> i'm saying donald trump is
4:16 am
the right individual to be the next president of the united states because we cannot suffer through another four years or another eight years effectively, a third or a fourth term of barack obama. he is the change agent and yes, he is unconventional, he doesn't use politically correct speech all the time, but he calls it out for what it is and as you've seen, his supporters are locked in behind donald trump which is not the case in the democratic party. >> this is about expanding his tent. congressman collins i know i can depend on you to make the case and i thank you for being on "new day." >> thank you. is president obama trying to nudge bernie sanders out of the race today? we're talking about it with ohio senator and clinton supporter sherrod brown, next. he knows en settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent!
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4:20 am
democratic nominee. the bad news she still has big challenges in and out of house.
4:21 am
how will she deal with bernie sanders and his millions of supporters? that doesn't get to the question of what does she do about donald trump. anderson cooper got to talk to the secretary about exactly this. >> my supporters were passionate. senator sanders' supporters were passionate. i really totally respect their feelings. i called senator sanders to congratulate him on the extraordinary campaign that he has run and i'm looking forward to working with him to achieve our common goal which is to defeat donald trump and senator sanders has said he'll work every day every week to see that happen, so we're going to be working to make sure that we have a unified party going into our convention and coming out. >> do you have specifics of how to do that? >> well, i do intend to reach out to his supporters and a lot
4:22 am
of his supporters and our supporters share the same goals, and contrast that with donald trump, who set up a fake university, trump university, that committed fraud on people who doesn't want to raise the minimum wage, who wants to go backwards when it comes to universal health care, who's proposed a tax plan that would be great for billionaires and terrible for everybody else. so as we reach out and we talk about what's at stake in this election, i really believe a lot of senator sanders supporters will join us in making sure donald trump doesn't get anywhere near the white house. okay. we have a lot to talk about so let's bring in senator sherrod brown from ohio. he has endorsed hillary clinton. good morning, senator. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. let's talk about what's going to happen at the white house where president obama meets with senator sanders. do you anticipate that president obama will make the case that now is the time for senator
4:23 am
sanders to bow out? >> i don't have much opinion about what's going to happen in the meeting i'm not in and what the president of the united states is going to say to the democratic candidates forment. i do have confidence that bernie sanders, because i know him well, i spoke to him about other things last night, i didn't talk to him about this meeting. i expect -- fully expect him, he didn't tell me this last night, but i fully expect him to be strong for hillary under his timetable whether it's this week or whether it's the convention or whether it's right after the convention, but i know he supports most of the things that hillary does and i know that he is very concerned about a donald trump presidency, so i have no doubt in my mind that bernie will bring 80, 90% of his supporters with him ultimately just like hillary did for senator obama and that means it's good news in the fall. >> but how can you be so
4:24 am
sanguine about bernie sanders staying in until the convention or until after the convention? isn't it time for the democrat to get behind one candidate? >> we will and we have mostly. every four years or every eight years the story in june is always that, can the parties come together? i think that if you're looking for something ahistorical, something unprecedented at least in our lifetimes you look at the republican side where republicans are all bailing out now. there's none of that on the democratic side. there was a contentious primary. there's hurt feelings and anger. there always is. but look at our respectful primary and their name calling criticizing each other's families, what they did on their side. and that's why we will move forward. we will heal. bernie supporters will be there. bernie will strongly be there. as i said, it's his timetable, i don't know if it's coming out of this meeting today or the next month or coming out of the
4:25 am
convention, but either way, i expect bernie to be campaigning in cleveland or akron and expect him to go around the country as i'll campaign with hillary and as i'll campaign with the president. we win ohio, we win the race and that's what i expected. >> respectfully there does seem to be a little bit of bad blood on the democratic side and some of it actually involves you. let me read for you what senator staffers supposedly said about you simply because you have been supporting hillary clinton. they say aides say sanders thinks that progressives who picked clinton are cynical, power chasing chickens like senator sherrod brown. sanders is so bitter about it that he'd be ready to nix senator brown as an acceptable vp choice. so it does seem like there's still a little bit of bad blood. >> well, that -- you can say that, but it's wrong. first of all i don't have
4:26 am
interest in being vice president number one. number two, i talked to bernie last night. he called me. he said he didn't say that. i've known him 30 years. i believe he didn't say that. i know there are always unhappy campaign people especially when a race is lost. if that doesn't bother me, it shouldn't bother anybody else, those words about me in print that says something that they're unhappy about. bernie told me he didn't say that. we can talk about that till the cows come home or the chickens come home, but the fact is this week donald trump, the wall street republican, the guy in washington, the guy who does wall street's bidding that's their water carrier was in new york meeting with trump and the two of them are binding together on what they're going to do to help wall street, to weaken don frank. it's like there's this collective amnesia on the
4:27 am
republican side and they forget what happened to my city and cities all over the country because of -- because of what wall street did and they want to repeal all these consumer protections and trump is absolutely on board. those are the issues, not will this -- will the animosity heal, it's what these two candidates stand for and hillary is going to take wall street. donald trump wants to undermine wall street reform. >> he's talk about that and dive into the issue that i know is a passion of yours and that's banking. because here's what we understand they talked about. they don't like dodd frank because they believe it's impeding economic growth. it's keeping middle income people trapped and they cannot get ahead. it's mind numbing in its complexity involving government regulations so what's your response? >> my response is these people, again, they have collect i have amnesia. they forgot it was their
4:28 am
positions of deregulation, letting wall street do whatever they wanted. letting the shadow banking sector do whatever they wanted that got us the economy that the bush people left us in 2007 a'2d '08. i know what dodd frank is fixing. i know what people like congressman and donald trump are proposing. i know what that's done to our country. the lost wealth for seniors and their retirement, the loss jobs that afflicted my state. 5 million lost their homes. i know people that dress like you and dress like me that maybe don't get out quite as much as all of us should. we don't maybe know a lot of people that have had their homes foreclosed. i do. they're in my neighborhood and i know what it does to families and that's why i'm angry.
4:29 am
donald trump who's in the tank with wall street, what they propose and what it will do to my country in the beloved city of cleveland where i live. >> don't let my dress fool you, i get out too. >> i shouldn't have said that, i can't even see you. but i do know that all of us who have decent incomes, none of us sees the heart ache and the hurt in this. we don't see it enough and we don't think about it enough and when my colleagues in this building make the decisions that hurt my city and hurt middle income people and cause a shrinking middle class, it does make me angry. >> we do all have phrenos that are struggling to pay their mortgages and struggling to have jobs. thank you for being on "new day." >> you had trump in this first round, seem to have clinton on the ropes, but then clinton hit it with a speech that landed like a liver shot. trump swung at her and hit the referee and now clinton seems to
4:30 am
have the momentum. so what will decide the next round? we have that for you, ahead. ♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no no,♪
4:31 am
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4:34 am
campaigns have their ups and downs, there's no question about that. just last week trump was riding high as the presumptive nominee. surprising a lot of people against hillary clinton. the e-mail stuff was scrolling around with that inspector general report that was not favorable. now clinton's in the driver's seat all of a sudden. trump is struggling to try to get past these comments about a judge's ethnicity and misstating the reality of his own case. >> let's discuss this with michael smerconish. good morning. >> good morning. >> we just had congressman chris
4:35 am
collins on and he said you know, donald trump has already passed it. he's already moved past those claims of a racist comment about the judge. has he? >> no, i don't think so. i think this issue has really resonated, because of the risk that it poses to undermine the entire judicial system. i kicked off on tuesday night on cnn's coverage when i said to our colleague, there's one question donald trump can't answer. why hasn't a recusal motion been filed for that judge? and that lingers. if he thinks he' biased then why isn't his trial lawyer, you remember him of o.j. fame, why hasn't he asked for the judge to step aside? they haven't done that. >> not only why hasn't he asked the judge to step aside, he was caught on tape -- not caught. he gave an interview and he said the judge is doing his job. what that exposes is a potential
4:36 am
metaphor effect for trump, which is you just saw how he could handle a situation when he doesn't like the outcome even if it means exaggerating the facts to the point of just being untrue. >> so to your larger question of the peaks and the valleys and where are we and where is this going next, i don't see him yet as having pivoted from primary season. he's still acting like he's in a primary contest. he added teleprompters, but it was pretty much the same old trump and what's to come on monday? what is that speech going to look like? is it going to be a litany of the 90 s charges about the dlin tons? i think the country has moved on from that. >> we've interviewed scores of trump supporters. they hate when the media tells them how to feel. they hate when the media
4:37 am
dictates the agenda. if trump supporters have moved on, then we've moved on. right? >> but i have in my hands the autopsy report from 2012's election. you remember this. it came out in 2014. it is imperative that the rnc changes how it engages with hispanic communities. is he doing that? he hasn't learned any of the lessons of what went wrong in 2012. sow you are correct in what you say about the base, but it's time to grow the tent because what did he get? 30 to 40% of the 24% of americans who are republicans. that's 8 to 10% of the american society. it's not enough. >> except i guess to extend the analogy, trump supporters would argue this is a different body. he's brought in an energy and a captured spirit of the anger and frustration in this country that ordinarily a gop candidate would
4:38 am
not because they're a part of the establishment/problem as those viewed by the people who are upset in the country. >> he's got a demographic issue. he knows that. this country is going to look a lot different than it does today. we're already headed in a majority lsh minority direction. look at the state of california and i think the trump play book is all about rallying a very hardened core of support that i don't think there's enough left in this country to move him over the finish line. >> there's always this talk that maybe this third party candidate is going to descend, not gary johnson, but an independent and bill crystal has been trying to lead that charge. it hasn't worked out yet. there's this retreat happening at mitt romney's place. do you think there will be another candidate getting in the race? >> i don't. i think that clock is ticking. we're all mindful of the texas deadline having run and you can say that wouldn't matter because texas is a pretty red state in
4:39 am
presidential elections. i really think johnson, i really believe that two-term republican governors from blue states are going to put a dent in this campaign. i'm not going to tell you they'll win, but i think if pollsters will include them they'll get their percent, they'll be standing on that debate stage and they'll become yet another wild card in what is already a crazy cycle. >> they do have a little bit of a circular problem there. they can't get into the polls and they can't get the threshold. what do you think in the matchup of trump university, what he said about the judge, and that dogging him going forward versus his attack line on the clintons, which is the foundation? he's moved away from the sexual innuendos about what hillary's role was to now this. how much teeth is in the clinton global initiative foundation
4:40 am
allegations? >> listen, when he said on tuesday night that he's going to deliver this speech, what i was hearing him say is that he's going to stand up soon and essentially read from the book clinton cash and the clinton supporters were very quick to dismiss it. i read it. i found it to be credible and i would remind people that the washington post and the new york times, not exactly conservative oracles built on the reporting and what was the premise of the book? it was that foreign individuals who aren't permitted by law to donate to an american presidential campaign or campaign of any kind, never theless curried favors with the clintons by paying him big bucks to speak and making donation to the clinton initiative and were rewarded. did he close that loop? he didn't because the final chapter of the book is quid proquo, question mark but it raised enough questions that i think it legitimately puts this
4:41 am
issue in play. >> always great to get your insights. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> we were talking earlier, you know, we always say that a picture is worth a thousand words. video is everyone more so. there is shocking surveillance video of a man trying to abduct a 13-year-old girl, but the mother comes flying into the rescue. we'll discuss this incredible moment. we'll show it to you. you don't get to see this very often. we've got that thing! you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here? it's me. don't think i'll make it. stomach again...send! if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea or ibs-d - a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi. a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both diarrhea and abdominal pain at the same time. so you stay ahead of your symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain.
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4:44 am
you can tell he searched out his victim and he went after
4:45 am
that child. he was getting his butt kicked by mom. that was one of the refreshing things you saw in that video. >> that was the sheriff's office praising a courageous mother. that mother desperately clinging on to her teenage daughter and yelling, saving her from that potential abductor. look at how violent the struggle got. joining us now is a safety advocate for the national center for missing and exploited children. he's the host of cnn's "the hunt." great to have you on. how crazy is this abduction on video. have you seen something like this? >> you know, this is a bit different than what we're normally dealing with. these predators are smart. they're usually tarting kids that are alone. they know that there's more of
4:46 am
seize security cameras available. so to see something happen in broad daylight with the parent there by the child's side is just amazing and this guy was so becausen in his attack. i think everybody's watched it by now. it's an amazing sh you know, event. >> the suspect's name is craig bonello. he's 30 years old. this was in florida. he went after a 13-year-old girl. now, in the public we often tend to think of abductions being a risk for younger kids, toddlers or kids up to about ten years old. for instance your brother adam at six years old. what about teenage abductions? are they rare? >> not really. about 40% of the cases happened in their tweens. parents are trying to grant
4:47 am
independence to these kids and those younger kids are usually more guarded by their parents so you are seeing these type of attacks on these type of ages. >> do we know anything more about that abductor? if he was a registered sex offender or something? >> he was not and this was something that you know, was out of the ordinary, wasn't something that law enforcement was looking or tracking him for. but the mother and the daughter did everything right in this scenario. the kicking and the screaming is absolutely something we teach. we teach kids the four rules of personal safety at the national center and the mother and the daughter and the offduty sheriff are the true here rows many the story. >> let's talk about the four rules when going out. check first with your parent or guardian, obviously let them know where you're going. use the buddy system. it's obviously safer to be with somebody than to be alone. it's okay to say no. what do you mean? >> we often times teach children to be polite to adults and
4:48 am
that's always the case. if they make a child feel sad, scared, confused or uncomfortable that child has the right to say no to that adult. >> i was interested to hear that you say most abductions occur during the day. this is not a shadowy, you know, under the cover of darkness event that happens with kids. it happens most between 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. >> that's correct. it's unfortunate that that's when these kids are being targeted, but it is when they're the most vulnerable when they're walking to and from school. often times could be on rural roads or waiting for their bus, so kids need to be vigilant. in this case the mother was there. she was able to protect her child,thank god, but the parents won't always be there but that's why it's important to empower kids with safe decision making. >> of the child abduck tees who have escaped, 83% of them did something proactive. but of the 83 who did something proactive, what is that?
4:49 am
what can kids do? >> that's the kicking, the screaming, the yelling, anything that they can do to draw attention to that situation. anything they can do to draw the adults' attention or hopefully if there's law enforcement around, something that they can get other people involved to help rescue them. >> this is just a good reminder for everybody to go home and have a conversation about stranger danger and let them know that it's okay to kick and scream. great to see you. >> you too. where was everybody else in that store? that's the question. >> they called for police at some point because the mother was screaming. >> there was a lot of footage there of people fighting over a child. people stopped him outside, but what about inside the store? that's why we do the like that. hillary clinton and donald trump on the attack. five months from election day, first round of the prize fight, 2016 is shaping up to be all about the negatives. so let's bring in senator angus
4:50 am
hines. he is going to weigh in what it should be about for you, next. wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service
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and intellectual propertylines about bubeing stolen.g hacked that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. all right, here is something you don't hear very often.
4:54 am
we are failing. the people who are running the campaigns, the candidates, the media. this 2016 race is not all about you and making your lives better. that's just true. and why is it? what's working so well on both sides of the aisle that's making this campaign what it is, and how should we make it better? what should it be about when there are so many problems we all know about. let's get an independent take from senator angus king, on intelligence and senate committee on armed services. i will give you my apology, yes, i often call you angus hines, because he is the only one i know. i apologize and love having you on "new day," so i'm sorry, once again. >> chris, as long as you don't call me late to dinner. >> we both know i have to take you to dinner for this. so you know what the state of play is. you've talked to me in positive and negative fashion before about why the media is enabling
4:55 am
an election you see as counter-productive. what is going on? how do you explain the state of play? >> one of the problems is i can tell you, chris, from having been through a number of campaigns, the science of campaigns and the consultants all tell you to go negative. unfortunately, it works. en a-- it works. that's the world we live in. it is unfortunate, because it has a tendency to unleash some ugly stuff that we don't want. and i think candidates, particularly as you go up the leadership ladder, sure, we have the first amendment. vigorous debate, hamilton and jefferson for goodness sake, but as you go up the leadership ladder, you have right to say what you want, but a responsibility to take cognizant of the effects of what you say. that's what is worrying about this campaign, that is unleashing particularly on mr. trump's side, unleashing some ugly stuff. >> but people are refuting your
4:56 am
definitions. they're saying what you call responsibility, i call pc, swiping aside political talk. and while i may not like certain things that come out of trump's mouth, i like how he is talking. it is unvarnished, it is real. it is his truth. that's what i need, because the rest of you are phony baloneys. >> i understand that. it is absolutely valid, but there is a line. that line is hard to define. i mean, that's what the first amendment is all about. you're not -- you have a right to say anything, except the courts have long said you don't have the right to shout fire in a crowded theater that could lead to deaths. leaders, the words that leaders use have consequences, and colorful language, vigorous debate, that's fantastic. the danger is, go back 1,000 years, henry, ii, said who will rid me of this priest, and a couple of guys in hmurdered
4:57 am
people. you can't just throw words out and then have a tragic actions take place, and say well, i didn't mean that. that's why it is a thin line. i understand that. it is not about political correctness, but it is about understanding the consequences of your language. >> but it gets confusing, doesn't it, senator. people will shout down the tactic, and yet they have fueled his success. people are saying he is going to make a pivot to the general election. i shake my head that because i say why would he change anything he is doing when he vanguished. and got there sooner than she did. >> a debate going on in the trump campaign about that exact question. you saw a manifestation for it
4:58 am
the other night, for the first time in my memory, he gave a speech on a teleprompter and carefully scripted and controlled. the question is that who he is. >> that's my question. thank you for anticipating it. this seems different. i don't know if it's because he was so insulting to the media, when there was only media in the room, coupled with him attacking a judge's heritage in a way that seems completely unfounded by the facts of the case, and in doing so, he insulted the judiciary, but what was it about this situation that has the gop standing up against him in the way they never had when he said anything else that was obnoxious. >> i think the comments about the judge i think went too far for pretty much everybody. >> but he said ban muslims for a while, mexico send us their worst. why this? >> he has gone down those groups of people and that's one of the real problems. the judge thing seemed to trigger a response, even from people within his own party. if you look back, chris, to the
4:59 am
quotes from ted cruz and marco rubio and rand paul and lindsey graham back during the primaries, they're rougher on trumphan anything hillary clinton has said. i mean, they were very direct in their statements about his lack of qualifications to be president. but it didn't evale them much. can trump still be trump, and expand the number of voters in order to win a general election. there is a lot of difference between the number of votes, i think he had like 15 million in the primaries, that's a lot of votes. but that's not any where near enough to win the presidency in a general election. >> last point for today, senator. what do you think should be done to help focus this election more on what should matter to people? even if they are caught up in the negative campaigning. >> well, i think part of it is the kind of things you did a few weeks ago, the town hall on the
5:00 am
opioids, focusing on a real issues, not through the eyes of a candidate, but let's talk about the issues, smart people on, what do we do about the economy what, are the issues with our trade policy. what should we do about immigration, which is a significant issue. and it is, part of it is education. the candidates have an obligation to do that, too. you know, campaigns can be either about fear or hope. the future or some aggravation. and i think the danger is, this campaign can fall into the very quickly into the fear category, and it's a very powerful political motivator, but it doesn't necessarily serve our long-term interests as a country. >> senator king, no medal som priest are you, but always welcome on "new day." thank you for about with us. >> thank you, chris. a lot of news going on in the campaign, but also around the world. so let's get right to it.
5:01 am
bernie sanders meets with president obama at the white house. >> bernie sanders brought enormous energy. it made hillary a better candidate. >> i really believe a lot of senator sanders supporters will join us. >> want the republican nominee to be somebody who could do the job if they win. >> he needs to act leakike a presidential candidate. >> just a slap on the wrist for sexually assaulting a co ed. >> he has shown no reforce. >> the video has the internet buzzing. >> the cutest intruder you have ever seen. >>announcer: this is "new day," with chris cuomo and alisyn come rote at that. good morning, thursday, june 9th, 8:00 in the east. you're laughing, why? >> because we're going to show you that viral video of this child who repeatedly goes into his neighbor's house to hug the dog. >> i hope he was punished.
5:02 am
stay away from my dog, kid. all right, in a few hours, president obama will meet with senator bernie sanders at the white house. what's is it going to be about. is it too soon? is this how you get unity. of course, how is it going to end. how is sanders going to bring his millions of berners into the clinton fold. >> also, skid ish republicans will try to reign in donald trump. can he shake the criticisms. we have this covered from every angle. let's begin with a thethena jon >> reporter: the democratic primary process isn't quite over yet. after all, washington, d.c. votes next week. and senator sanders hasn't yet bowed out. the white house and the clinton campaign, neither one wants to be seen as trying to push sanders out of the race. aides say they'll try to move
5:03 am
him toward acceptance, a key step on the road to party unity. this morning, president obama meeting with bernie sanders. >> my hope is that over the next couple of weeks, we're able to pull things together. >> reporter: increasing pressure on the vermont senator to end his primary fight, now that hillary clinton is the democratic party's presumptive nominee. >> bernie sanders brought enormous energy and new ideas, and he pushed the party. and challenged them. i thought it made hillary a better candidate. >> reporter: the president, expected to congratulate sand s sanders, but discuss his role as a unifying figure that can mobilize enthusiasm as they look to take on donald trump. >> the main role i'm going to be playing in the process is to remind the american people that this is a serious job. you know, this is not reality tv. >> the struggle continues. >> reporter: as sanders and his
5:04 am
team vow to continue fighting. >> the nominee elected at the convention. >> the white house, stressing patience with sanders, trying not to alienate his voters. >> it is clear we know who the nominee will be, but we should be graceful and give him the opportunity to decide on his own. >> reporter: the president's endorsement of clinton could come as early as today. but clinton is already going on a celebration media blitz. >> i believe sanders supporters will join us in making sure donald trump doesn't get any where near the white house. >> reporter: clinton, also addressing the prospect of two women on the ticket. >> i'm looking at the most qualified people, and that includes women, of course, because i want to be sure that whoever i pick could be president immediately. >> reporter: now, democrats see these endorsements as strategic. they want to reap as much political gain as they can, like
5:05 am
having the president and vice-president come out and publicly back clinton. so we're likely to see these endorsements over a roll-out period rather than all at once. we could see the president endorse clinton over social media instead of a campaign style appearance. that's not likely to happen until dnchs c. votes next week. chris. details, details. how it goes today, thank you for setting the table, my friend. joining us now, congressman ben louhan, and has long supported hillary clinton. he has a big smile on his face this morning. good morning, to you. let me see if i can help you with that smile, straighten it out a little bit. what's going on with the meeting with the president? why do it this way. why make it so overt that you're trying to get sanders to bow out. give him his time. let him come to you. >> good morning, chris. great to be with you. i really think the meeting this morning is just have a conversation. clearly, senator sanders has
5:06 am
brought a lot of people into the process, into this campaign, a lot of energy has been created and that's part of the conversation this morning. so it's very clear, everyone believes that senator sanders has earned the right to be able to make decisions right now as to how we'll be able oh bring the country together. look, whether you're sanders supporter, clinton supporter, those opposed to donald trump, we all agree that we need to stop donald trump from being able to get any where near the white house. >> but you just heard the president say i think that sanders made clinton a better candidate, let him continue to do that, d.c. hasn't even voted yet, and that place is such a metaphor for the problems that exist in big cities across the country. how would that hurt clinton in. >> well, i see us as coming together. the name-calling, with all the ugly things donald trump has recently said, the racist statements that he said. look, it is clear. donald trump is a bigot and the republicans have a huge problems
5:07 am
up and down the ballot. on our side, we're coming together. we share our values and our ideas, and that's what is going to bring us together. in addition to the shared goal of stopping donald trump up and down the ballot, and that includes house republicans who are tied to donald trump, day in and day out, with everything that they've got. >> are you worried about risking what you see as, you know, unity by making people feel like you're forcing sanders to do this? >> oh, you know, i am not encouraging any forceful nature of anything to occur. >> the president talking to him, i mean that's pretty persuasive, congressman. >> i think president obama is trying to do what he can to bring us together. in the end, we share these values and principles, chris. we want to make sure the american people know that we have their back. whether you're a woman, a millennial, african-american, latino, we want to make sure that the people across the country know that we have their back. especially in the face of donald trump attacking judge curiel.
5:08 am
a federal judge, born in indiana, again, with the most racist remarks that we've seen to date. this is a sham, and it is an embarrassment. i'll tell you, donald trump, just lost the latino vote all across america for republicans. >> you don't think that trump can move past what just happened with the judge? you say it is representative of who he is. he says the same thing about the clinton global initiative. that nobody is really looked into it. and if you do, you'll see that bad actors states that aren't allowed to donate to elections because of what is going on in their own sovernce, and they got something for it for the united states. do you believe there is any meat on the bones of the allegations? >> chris, you started the question about asking about what donald trump said. i'll tell you, donald trump cannot walk these statements back. what he said about judge curiel, a federal judge born in indiana, again, textbook racist statement. i'll tell you, donald trump is a bigot. this is an embarrassment.
5:09 am
he went after latinos all across the country. he insulted each and everyone of us based on ethnicity and race. color of our skin, where our heritage comes from, we can't do a job in america. i'll tell you, this is just out of bounds. it is a shame, a sham. i'm willing to stand up to this guy. i hope america is willing to stand up to this bigot. someone great once told me that if you don't stand up to evil, if good people don't stand up to evil, that it will survive. we need to stand up to this bad person, this bad man with the ugly things he is saying. >> congressman, we understand there are issues on both sides of this race. you are know that we're reporting on what was said about the judge and the truth about that trial. but that's not an answer to the global initiative questions. the fact that trump university is a problem and what trump has said is a problem. there may be true and we're covering that. but i want to know if you have an answer to the allegations about the c.g.i.
5:10 am
>> there is a clear contrast what donald trump has been saying and where we are with the clinton family and the great work they've done on behalf of americans, making people's lives better. that's the side i want to be on. the side that will fight for people, do whatever we can to be able to help people. look, donald trump clearly is going to continue to attack, to be able to try to bring people down, to divide our nation. i want to be on the side of secretary clinton. in the end, we're going to see, going to the american people, and i'm confident that when the american people find out all the facts and all of these cases, they're going to see the fraud that donald trump is, compared to the great work that secretary clinton and the clinton family has been doing. >> congressman, you know i'm asking you about it so we can get the facts out there. that's obviously what is driving the question. let's end the interview on this note. last night, hillary clinton told anderson cooper that she plans to reach out to sanders supporters more aggressively. you know that sander supporters will be looking with a jaundice eye at what he is going on with
5:11 am
working sanders to move him out of the race. what is your sell to sanders supporters about why they should vote for hillary clinton? >> this is not about working senator sanders to get out of the race, chris. what this is acknowledging the great energy and work and all of the people across the country who have come into this campaign. we're going to work together to stop donald trump. again, to make sure we help all the students that have the student loan debt, in a family like mine, a food in the pantry, put the kids through college, that's what this is about. we need to make sure we're looking after the greatness bro >> thank you for making the case on "new day." >> thank you, chris. house speaker paul ryan and reince priebus, heading to utah for a summit with mitt romney
5:12 am
today. amid growing speculation that some are still noti plotting to replace donald trump. chris frates is live in washington with more. what have you learned, chris? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. many republicans have long feared that the rhetoric will derail his campaign and the recent comments about a federal judge down right racist, they're sounding the alarm if he doesn't tone it down, he is helping to put hillary clinton in the white house. >> he won't be in the white house if he continues to make these statements. >> warnings of a loss in november are coming from donald trump's own party. >> if he wants to win the election, he needs to quit these attacks on various americans. >> the presumptive gop nominee is en ranging and dividing the gop, after days of his attacks on federal judge gonzalo curiel's heritage. >> he is a mexican. >> toned down speech earlier
5:13 am
this week -- >> i understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle. >> was a step in the right direction for mitch mcconnell. >> he may be using a prepared text and not attacking any other americans, it was a good start. >> but congressional republicans are divided. some are supporting the presumptive nominee. >> he has done a good job in the last 24 hours of realizing the impact of the comments. >> some riding the never trump train. >> the comments are authenticating what i believe is the man's core character. >> and still, others are holding out for a kinder, gentler real estate mogul. >> instead of bashing judges. >> house speaker paul ryan trying to keep the party unified behind their new stander bearer. reiterating his support for trump in a closed-door meetings, asking his colleagues to unite, after criticizing trump's
5:14 am
comments. meanwhile, democrats are uniting behind hillary clinton. >> what does trump do. >> senator elizabeth warren, said to attack trump later today, saying donald trump is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone, and serves nobody but himself. that is just one of the many reasons why he will never be president of the united states. >> in an interview yesterday with time magazine, trump said was disappointed and surprised by the backlash from republican leaders to those comments about the federal judge, hearing a lawsuit against him. but trump says republicans, they have to say what they have to say, noting he is a big boy who can take the criticism, chris. >> yet to be seen. chris frates, thank you very much. the officers facing the most serious charges in the freddie gray case, caesar good son charged with murder.
5:15 am
gray suffered a broken neck. goodson chose a bench trial. the judge will decide, and it is the same judge who acquitted another officer in gray's death, but they were very different charges there. >> new smoking laws on the books in california. the legal age for buying tobacco products going from 18 to 21 years old. the law also bans e cigarettes in schools, hospitals and restaurants. hawaii is the only other state where you cannot smoke before you're 21. now, usually, when we show you surveillance video, it is not a good situation. but not this time. a louisiana homeowner was trying to figure out why a little boy kept on running into her garage. so holly mallet posted this video, asking if anyone knew who he was. it turns out, it is her neighbor, josh brough. his family doingg died last yea
5:16 am
and just wanted some love from the puppy. so they've given josh permission to stop by for regular play dates with their dog, duchess. adorable video. more than 1 million times in the last week. let's just watch it a little more. >> please, this is the cutest, most adorable, heart rendering video. also, it gets better, chris. he also came back and took some selfies of himself with the dog. it seems like the dog likes his visits. >> oh, look at that. >> i know. >> time for a new dog, mom and dad. time for a new dog. look at that. even dogs are aware of selfies now. >> even they pose. >> you know, it's like hey, you got it the wrong way, they tell you in dog language. all right, no secret, mitt romney is not a fan of d. trump. the 2016 election drama, next.
5:17 am
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5:20 am
can donald trump get past his attacks on the federal judge and calm jittery republicans looking for an alternative. house speaker paul ryan and reince priebus will meet with a staunch anti-trumper. the jeb bush campaign and communications advisor for our
5:21 am
principles, anti-trump super pac and a delegate regional advice chair of the new york republican state committee. gentlemen, great to have you both here in studio. >> thanks. >> john, let me start with you. you're trump delegate. have his comments that many even republicans called racist last week, changed how you feel about donald trump? >> not at all. donald trump is going to win this race. donald trump got a record number of votes in this primary. >> yes, that's -- >> in the history of -- >> were you comfortable with what he said? >> one comment doesn't make the man. the reality, we have a problem in this country. economically depressed. this is someone who will create jobs, put america back on its feet. this is someone that will make america proud again. >> to be clear, this isn't just one comment. this seems to be the tipping point, but he had talked about, i mean, let's go over it, mexicans sending rapists, he talked about bans muslims, said things about women. not just one comment. people think there has been a string of things and people
5:22 am
thought this was the most offensive, calling an american judge mexican and saying that as a result of his an ses ter. >> hillary clinton was saying the same thing about criminals and crimes coming up through the border, we need a wall. >> she -- hillary clinton has never been on record that because a judge is mexican, that the judge could not do his job. >> one comment doesn't make the man. this is someone who is the best candidate right now for america, and that's why he is going to win the race and that's why he has broken these records. this is going to be historic. we're going to get america back on its feet. >> tim, much like john, donald trump is trying to change the conversation from the judge to hillary clinton. >> tough question to answer, so. >> he is talking about her foundation. do you think he can turn the page? >> no, look, donald trump can't turn the page. i feel like i'm taking crazy pills. i was on the show two months ago
5:23 am
and you asked me the same question. he is going to pivot, start acting like an adult. we treat him like a child who gets in trouble at school. mom took the naughty words out of one speech and he read it and wasn't happy about reading it. now we're going to pat him on the head and now he is presidential. this is crazy. like you said, he has consistently from when he was a young man, but more recently, when he got back into the public light, he said president obama is from africa, on his announcement day saying mexico is sending rapist as cross the border. it is wrong for the party and country. >> yet, tim, a couple of republicans that say they're not going to vote for him. they say they don't like what he said, but still voting for him. let me play what mitch mcconnell has said. >> i have listed all of last week every occasion upon which i
5:24 am
differed with donald trump, particularly attacking people on the basis of their ethnicity, totally inappropriate. but he is the nominee. >> totally inappropriate. some have said offensive, but he is the nominee. what are they to do? >> look, i think there has been a growing number of republicans, mark kirk just the other day, running for senate. >> lindsey graham, two. >> there are definitely some. i wish there were more on your show making the case. it is not just about the racist comments, but trump's platform is not in line with what conservatives and the republican party and congress want to do. he is not offered a conservative economic or foreign policy platform. so you know, this is the deal. there is the racist comments, more than that, and i'm hopeful that as we get closer to november, people will come around and realize what is as plain as day to me, which is donald trump would be a bad president. >> i want to get john, but then
5:25 am
what? once they realize that, then a what? >> a vote for hillary clinton. >> yeah, so we can have -- the house and the senate, which is the best thing we can do. >> the establishment republicans just won't give up. the reality is, they lost. >> the republican establishment has given up. >> may i? may i? >> sure. you just -- >> donald trump won. donald trump won. it's time to get over it. it's time to move ahead. it's the choice is between donald trump and hillary clinton. and there is no question that donald trump will be better for america than hillary clinton. >> why? on what specific policy is donald trump more in line with conservatives, with paul ryan, with conservatives in the house, besides building a wall, nothing else. he is not an economic conservative. he wants to suck up to putin. he would be a terrible opinion. >> by the way, you are in the vast minority. >> name a policy where he is more conservative than hillary
5:26 am
clinton. name a policy where -- >> may i speak? >> sure. >> thank you. donald trump is going to create jobs in america. that's what he is going to -- >> not by policy. what is the policy that he will put in place that will be conservative. >> by stopping the disincentives of companies moving to mexico. we want to rebuild america. the establishment in washington has failed. you are part of that establishment. i'm sorry to hear that. it's time to move ahead and join. the majority of americans, the majority of republicans -- >> this is all smoke and mirrors. you can't name anything. there is not a specific policy. i want you to name something specific. >> may i finish? the people have chosen donald trump. get over it. it is what it is. get over it. >> john what, about this pow-wow between mitt romney, who many republicans still hope will throw his hat in and reince priebus and paul ryan, do you think that they are trying to come up with an alternative? >> no, i think reince priebus is
5:27 am
doing a great job of bringing everyone together. >> i thought you said you didn't like the establishment? >> he is our national chairman and been there a couple of years. he is not part of this long-standing, ten, 10 years establishment that has caused this problem. you know, everyone is worried about being politically correct. everyone is worrying about protecting their own interests. donald trump is in this race to make america great again by creating jobs, making us strong again, putting people to work. that's, you know, we talk about the homes, talk about the hungry. every party can agree that putting americans back to work is going to change america and solve problems. >> john has a point. trump won. he is the nominee. so when you hear a radio host like hugh hewitt saying we need an alternative, what happens? i mean, it is a little late to that game. >> you know, look, i recognize that. i would say this, though. record number of people favored trump talking people record
5:28 am
number of people voted for him. a record number of people voted against him. there was a huge swath of the party that did not support donald trump. i think the idea of delegates should be able to vote their conscience. if he doesn't respect the constitution, the rule of law, the platform that said racist things, if they don't want to rubber stamp him, they should have the right. your point is valid, the overwhelmingly likelihood is it will be trump and clinton. if you have conservative vals, you can take a pass on the election, and we can be a check on hillary clinton for four years, until we put a real qualified person of character and a conservative up to beat her. >> john, last word. >> yeah, that's not going to be the case this choice here is between donald trump and hillary clinton. and donald trump is clearly best for america. >> tim, john, thank you very much for engaging in this debate. nice to see both of you. let's go into the green room, where i hear chris is hanging out.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
5:29 am
chris. this is not looking like a good match up for me today. i had no idea that the man was in, you know, this tall. i didn't know it was going to be like this. but it is good to have mark cuban here. right? >> right, kind of. >> all right, good. so we'll get after what matters, and get out of this room as soon as possible. >> i hope so. man 1: you're new.
5:30 am
5:31 am
man 2: i am. woman: ex-military? man 2: four tours. woman: you worked with computers? man 2: that's classified, ma'am. man 1: but you're job was network security? man 2: that's classified, sir. woman: let's cut to the chase, here... man 1: what's you're assessment of our security? man 2: [ gasps ] porous. woman: porous? man 2: the old solutions aren't working. man 2: the world has changed. man 1: meaning? man 2: it's not just security. it's defense. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
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5:33 am
time now for the five things to know for your "new day." president obama sitting down with bernie sanders at the white house this morning, obama, trying to unify the party behind hillary clinton, as the democrats presumptive nominee. house speaker paul ryan, rnc chairman reince priebus attending a summit with mitt romney, amid growing guess whether donald trump can get past his attacks on a federal judge. israel, beefing up security, 83,000 entrance permits, after four people killed in a terror
5:34 am
attack. hamas is praising the attacks. a muslim player service in louisville for mohammed ali. 18,000 expected to attend. president bill clinton will be among those. cleveland cavaliers, rout the warriors, 120-90. game four, again in cleveland, friday night. for more on the five things to know, please go to new day, for the latest. alisyn. what's that chris, i'm sorry, appropriasorr sorry, the producers are telling me you need to leave right now on assignment. >> look at him. >> he is ready to go. >> i got your tie.
5:35 am
>> donald trump he does not need to raise a ton of money, but wants the campaign to speak to one of the koch brothers. >> we'll talk about the race, next. >> stay tuned. . be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. always tell your doctor if you have any signs of infection, have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths or if anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems these may be signs of a rare,
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5:39 am
provocative for sure, but provable as well. the proposition is this. does donald trump have money problems in the campaign. there are reports that top campaign officials are asking for a meeting with the koch brothers, as trump himself says he doesn't need to raise much money because he can rely on us in the media. is that a mart move for the billionaire. who better to ask, entrepreneur and businessman himself, mark cuban. thank you for being in the studio. >> are you correcting my pronunciation. >> i don't think you mispronounced it, that's the problem with you, cuban. you have talked about this on twitter. you've said yeah, i think cash flow is an issue. >> yes. >> help us understand, because we thought the man is made of money. >> well, net worth, put that
5:40 am
aside. that's not important. what's important to donald, to every candidate, like it is to either of us, is cash. money plays. so with the sec filings, he can't misrepresent how much cash he has. he at $165 million. he hasn't raised a lot of money, rnc has to report how much they've raised. >> you don't think he'll put up all the cash -- >> oh, hell, no. he probably won't get paid back. he has put inasmuch. i went and looked at mitt romney's filings too. they put in $45 million in 2012. donald has put in that now. he gets credit for that, right. as his cash declines, he doesn't want to run out of cash. that's his life. >> do you go to the koch brothers. >> he is no choice. i know he says -- >> what's the problem with that. >> nothing. i guess you could say depending on your perspective.
5:41 am
he said he won't be be holden to donors, and that's changed. >> he could be more than a clinton. how? >> because if you have no cash, you're not willing to contribute your own personal cash, you're late in the game to raise money, you're going to have to give favors, right. nobody is going to give him $100 million because they like donald trump, right. they're not going to do it so they can make get a guest slot on the apprentice. there is always a quid pro quo. that's what he did when he gave cash. so he is going to do the same thing, in terms of requesting cash that he did when he gave cash. he'll ask for favors. >> the assumption that he makes, i'm getting a lot of free media time, we see what happened, general election is different. everything everybody else is out of the field. do you think this is the kind of free media he is anticipating, what happened since he made the comments about the judge's heritages and misstated the fraud case. >> that's not what prefers and obviously the republicans don't prefer it.
5:42 am
in the past, when he said something, it was, well, there is 16 other candidates, some other number of candidates we're not going to deal with him much longer. now he is the nominee. the challenge is, you know, the more he is teleprompter trump, the less interest the media is going to have. and so you know, it used to be that any time he did a live event, there was a camera there to cover him. whenever he wants to call in, there is somebody willing to take his call or take an appearance. if he is going according to script, what's the point. >> now, you are not as concerned of a lasting effect that this, the comments about the judge and how trump has been stating or misstating what happened in his trial before that judge, as others around him. that this was the metaphor effect. you say no. >> this is who he is, right. >> why do we see the gop standing up in a way they haven't before, using the word racist, whether or not it
5:43 am
applies. >> because they need to get reelected. their con st-- constituents are different than his. so the traditional republican politicians still need to get reelected. >> if he sticks to form, and doesn't make his campaign about how he will do what he believes is right for america, and instead, he says, i will prove that hillary clinton is a bad person, which is what he is doing, do you think he can win on that election? >> no. the reason is more about the ground game than anything else. >> not the message, the machinery. >> machinery, right. because he talks about having gotten 13 million votes, and that's a record, right. but when you compare it to previous records, right, i forget which of the -- the first george bush got 12 million votes, right. so donald -- >> he said that was against 16 people, though. >> that's a good point.
5:44 am
that's fair, right. but still, it is not like he has brought so many people that will vote for him that he can win the general election. he is going to have to go back to the block and tackle at some point. you still have to get people out of the house and placing votes, and that's not easy to do. >> are you serious when you say that you would want to be a vice-president? >> absolutely. >> would you want people like me digging into everything you've done on a regular basis? not giving you this you're nice smart guy, but the beat done you would deserve. >> vice-president candidates don't get the full beat down. >> you would. let me tell you something right now. you would get the full focus of my attention. >> i mean, look, my life has been crazy. you've he done enough crazy things. most of those things are online. >> what's the upside of the service that you want people to remember about in this process? in truth, you're smart at hell when you talk about this stuff. you don't need to do this. >> i mean, i am a citizen like everybody else. what is happening is scaring me,
5:45 am
right. it is not so much who will get elected, but after they get elected. we've been picking on trump, but hillary is not absolved of blame, either. they've turned hillary into a nonperson, right. they've not treated her like a human being. a lot of that is her fault, right. the customer is always right. the voter is always right. she hasn't done a good enough job of human nizing herself. as a result, post election, if hillary wins, if we think gridlock is bad now, approval ratings for congress are bad now, it's going to be 1,000 times worst. >> you don't buy the clinton argument, i've been there before, they know me, they'll work with me. >> no, of course not. if you look at the obstructionism what they've offered to obama, it will be 1,000 times worst for hillary clinton. and so you know, the argument, if i had to make an argument for donald trump, the argument is i think right now, he would do a better job of crossing the aisle and reducing gridlock than senator clinton would.
5:46 am
and i think that's a reflection of the fact that senator clinton has done a horrible job of communicating and human nizing herself. i mean, it's horrible to say for a presidential candidate we're talking about humanizing, right, but they made her not human. they demonized her so bad with killry and all this name-calling that she has got, if she has any hope of accomplishing anything, if she wins, she is going to have to get out there and really connect. now, in terms of me being vice-president, the fact that i'm an independent, fiercely independent, i haven't given a pen flee penny to any candidate in more than a decades. i get brought in for discussions and advice all the time. i truly do get along with both sides of the aisle. i have no legacy feelings. i don't have any, you know, adherence to either party. so if there is somebody who can be in the middle and connect the dots, that would be me. >> well, i hope you don't do it, because i want you here. i love talking to you about this. i think you help us every time.
5:47 am
>> thank you, chris. national outrage after a convicted rapist gets a six month jail sentence for a brutal tack on a college campus. we will ask student leaders at stanford how they think the case was handled, that's next. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure.
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5:50 am
national outrage over a judge's six month sentence for a convicted rapist at stanford, and obviously, students at the university are very angry. they say the mood on campus,
5:51 am
actually could be -- it could color sunday's commencement. let's ask two students, president and vice-president of the associated students of stanford. ladies, thank you for being here. nice to have both of you on to talk about this. i know this case has sent a shock waive across campuses, nowhere more so than stanford. what angers you most? >> that's a tough question. there are a lot of things about this that anger me. just looking broadly at the case, the first thing that it happened. that's completely unacceptable. so a, the first that this incident occurred. second, the impact that this has left on the survivor is incredibly damaging. i mean, yeah, and then also, just if you look at the handling of the case. >> yeah. >> the legal matter. >> let's talk about that. becaus obviously people are angry about the judge's handling of the case. this perpetrator could have
5:52 am
gotten 14 years in prison, but in fact, was given six months, below the minimum suggested sentence. so jackson, how do you think beyond the judge that stanford could have done something different here? >> right. so it's kind of difficult to -- critical look at the legal system, stanford focus and obligation to the student body, for us, this is the moment of deep reflection. i know the graduating class is reflecting on their commencement ceremony and for the students that remain on campus, thinking about how we can improve the community for the incoming freshman class and the incoming class of graduate students as well. what can we do as students to create a more safer community, where something like this cannot happen and is not tolerated. >> do you think this will come up at commencement? >> i think there is a lot of evidence, and there is a lot of
5:53 am
buzz going around the graduating class about demonstrating in some way. obviously, these are all plans. it isn't sunday yet. but i would not be surprised if there was some sort of demonstration in support of the survivor and against the type of assault and sexual violence that occurs on our campus. >> you know, the victim in this case gave one of the most extraordinary impact statements in a courtroom that anybody has ever heard. she talked about the effect that this has had on her life, the pain and lingering effects. the perpetrator gave a statement to the judge, and let me read that. his name is brock turner. coming from a small town in ohio, i never experienced celebrating or parting that involved alcohol. when came to california, it was what i expected. i began to champion the idea of relieving the stress of school and swimming by consuming alcohol with people. people often talk about the
5:54 am
culture on campus of binge drinking and whether or not that contributes to sexual assault. where are you on that in. >> yeah, i think that a lot of people tend to conflict the idea of binge drinking with sexual assault. they're not the same. it is remiss to think that alcohol doesn't play a tiny part in sexual salts, however, they are very separate. if you look at brock turner's statement, he embodies again, binge drinking with assault, it does not create sexual assault. sexual assault is created by individuals, and we have to change of society and the systemic interactions between individuals that create sexual assault. again, it is not about binge drinking. >> jackson, you're calling for better security on campus. what do you want stanford to do differently? >> right, i think there are -- there is a very long list of things that stanford i think can do to improve the safety situation on our campus. some very obvious things is that our campus is very dark.
5:55 am
i think it's very appropriate to add more lighting. i think it is more appropriate to have patrol officers around our campus at night. oftentimes they exist only on like the main street. when there are a lot of other areas that are -- they get a lot of foot traffic in the evenings that are not patrolled. i think that would go a long way in improving the safety situation. those are just like very simple steps. illuminate and patrol. >> we'll see if they take up your suggestions. jackson, amanda, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> thank you. we have the good stuff for you, that's next. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six.
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and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. this is the good stuff that shows what it should all be about. 11-year-old kate heller, in class, sees a picture of an african-american woman walking barefoot. she starts spreading the word and makes a school presentation to get the word out. >> these are african women. >> that's right. what happened. more than 250 pairs of shoes. >> i didn't i think was going to get that much because like one day i came to school and i saw
6:00 am
bags and bags, and i was like really surprised. >> not african-american. african women. walking with no shoes. 250 pairs that she got to give to people in need. one kid, one idea. change. >> so great. people are generous when you ask for it. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. hi, carol. >> they are generous when you ask about it. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning, i'm a carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. a major meeting we white house as pressure builds for bernie sanders to drop out of the race. in a little more than two hours, the senator will pow-wow with the president, and in an interview with jimmy fallon on the "tonight show", the president talked about that meeting and so much more. >> hillary is now the presumptive nominee for the democrats. you talked to


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